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Mumford & Sons win Australian hearts  16 February 2010

London outfit Mumford & Sons have pushed Susan Boyle off the top of the ARIA charts taking out the #1 slot this week.  Having topped the Triple J Hottest 100 list with their hit single ‘Little Lion Man’, their debut album “Sigh No More” also went PLATINUM before topping the charts.

Mumford & Sons blew away audiences at Laneway Festival around Australia, as well as their own intimate headline shows in Sydney the latter of which was the only indie show to feature a banjo solo.

“When, after a shouted request for a Winston banjo solo, the rest of the band left him on stage, and - after some coaxing - he strummed the famed Deliverance banjo riff, asking the crowd to sing it back to him each time. We did. He played. We sang again. Slowly the Mumford lads drifted back on, and it was an all out hoe-down.”
Zan Rowe, Triple J

The band made friends everywhere they went and could be heard to exclaim that “this is the best week ever” of their time in the country. Marcus learnt to surf and got sunburnt, Ted met up with long lost relatives, and Winston and Ben made friends with the locals.

For those that missed their amazing live shows there is exciting news in the offing with plans starting to take shape for another visit to the country.  Marcus had told media their live performances “were the most important thing for us. We actually see the album as a calling card for our live shows”.

“Live, they are flawless. Marcus' pitch perfect voice compliments the ensemble perfectly and they truly look as though they're having a ball on stage,” blogged Triple J’s Zan Rowe. “It was a perfect show.”

“With one record under their belt it’s no doubt the band felt floored by the crowd’s enthusiasm, Oxford Arts reduced to a den of dancing and chorus.” Drum Media

Mumford & Sons are currently in the US, where they play The Late Show with David Letterman, as well as sold out shows in the US and UK throughout February and March.

“Sigh No More” is out now through Dew Process.


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