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MANY THINGS – Debut EP ‘What We Are’  22 August 2014





Invoking a Southern gentleman-turned-cowboy that's been untimely transplanted to Queensland, Many Things are set apart from the clatter of emerging bands with the distinctive drawl of Brisbane's Michael Tomlinson (formerly of indie favourites Yves Klein Blue), and his London-based band’s ability to add their own stamp to a range of diverse styles. From moody rock, to uplifting disco, to malfunctioning pop and always peculiar and evolving, Many Things drag their instruments and song-writing pen across the unseen elements of the human experience – love, loss, yearning to offer a simple remedy – give in to the music and dance to their latest and debut EP “What We Are” – out today via Dew Process. 


Recorded in Berlin and London, the EP shows the ever-increasing length and breadth of what Many Things can deliver, imbued with unrelentingly personal snippets of recorded phone calls, and the humdrum energy of a band that’s accustomed to life on the road. ‘Chains’ shows hidden depths with heart-wrenching vocals and brooding production captured by the intensity of their video; ‘Incredible’ is tender and uplifting [WATCH HERE]; while the disco take on the Lianne La Havas track ‘Gone’ will be sure to be heard when you’re walking home at 3am on a Friday, or even 9am on a Saturday. The final tracks ‘Dear One’ and ‘What We Are’ carry the sonic representation of a brave face and a shattered heart. Whatever they seem to go for, the result is nothing short of spectacular.


Track listing:

  1. Chains
  2. Dear One
  3. Incredible
  4. Gone
  5. What We are

Purchase "What We Are" here 


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