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Bluejuice release 'Shock' video  23 January 2012



After bringing you the ageless erotica that was ‘Act Yr Age’ Bluejuice are backing it up with the trip of a lifetime. New video ‘Shock’ sees Bluejuice’s shameless leading men taking on the holy grail of all things sin, Viva Las Vegas style.
The story according to Jake:
"I should say upfront that I thought going to the USA for five days to make a film clip was insane. I maintain I was correct.
After fifteen hours on the plane, we hit the ground running and pointed our oversized Chevy Suburban toward Vegas. The trip across the desert should ideally take around four hours, but between iHop pancakes, emergency toilet stops and our director running out of petrol, it took us almost 11 hours to get there.
First up we picked up a red 1959 Cadillac convertible. It looked really nice, but was actually completely shit. The windows wouldn’t go up, and it was absolutely freezing in the desert by this stage. In fact, all the electrics were broken. The speedometer didn’t work, and it drove like a whale.
Once we finally got to our casino hotel suite for the evening. We had to meet a bunch of model/actresses we’d hired from Craig’s List. They weren’t prostitutes. Let me make that clear.
The next 24 hours was spent without sleep, shooting in and around Las Vegas with the girls, getting ‘wasted’ and falling in and out of the Cadillac. We didn’t get kicked out of any of the casinos, which was amazing considering we were drinking to excess constantly, falling on the ground, smoking cigarettes and simulating drug use and sex. It was a nice time.
We eventually got to the Little White Chapel, a classic Las Vegas location to get an express wedding. Michael Jordan and Brittany Spears both tied the knot there, for varying lengths of time.  Stav and I were the happy couple today. Predictably I was the bride.
The very last shot was out at Red Rock in the Californian desert, and I was getting pretty crabby. With winter coming on and a harsh wind, it was already below zero. Sam and Josh instructed us to ‘get naked’, and Stav and I had to strip to our underwear and lie down on the ground. I felt like turds. But it was done, and we could finally leave. I slept in the car all the way home."


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