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Bluejuice 2.0   07 November 2011


As everybody knows by now, BLUEJU!CE’s ‘Act Yr Age’ is a summertime sensation, a song that gets both elderly ladies and dishevelled Ray-Ban-toting junkies in the mood for love.

The song has been bouncing around the Top 10s of Channel V’s Music Video Chart and Triple J’s most-played list for weeks, and continues to seduce both young and old.

BLUEJU!CE however, are not content merely to make out with strangers in a public park. They want to DANCE! To dance like a big ole catfish in a rowboat, only more triumphantly.
Dancing-like-a-fish expert, US producer GIGAMESH was on hand to make BLUEJU!CE’s four-on-the-floor dreams come true. GIGAMESH has recently dominated the Hype Machine with his remixes of Lykke Li, Radiohead and Foster The People, and he brings his aquatic clubbing techniques to a thundering dancefloor remix of ‘Act Yr Age’.

BLUEJU!CE’S new album “Company” is living up to expectations, being named triple j’s Feature Album of The Week and picking up top reviews across the country.

“Company” is out on Friday, November 11, 2011. ‘Act Yr Age (Gigamesh Remix)’ is available online on November 18th, 2011 .

Click here to listen to Act Your Age (Gigamesh Remix).


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