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Following the Endless Road  20 September 2011

Following the ‘Endless Road’ with their latest single The Panics are the latest band to partner with, who have also run music video competitions for Duran Duran, Moby, David Lynch, Alicia Keys, Band of Skulls, The Temper Trap, Booka Shade, plus many more. Their videos have been screened at Cannes, on TV, at Coachella, at London's BFI and ACMI in Melbourne, as well as a host of film festivals. provides a platform for filmmakers to make the official music videos for featured artists and songs. While championing filmmakers from around the world and helping expose them to the international music industry, it also offers a new way for artists to connect and engage with their fans. They allow the global creative community to make and upload their own music videos for the world to watch, vote on and spread virally.

The winner of The Panics’ clip competition was Indian director Achyutanand Dwivedi and featured a cyclist riding the endless road through the Indian countryside, reflecting the rapid development of the nation “touted to be the next big economic superpower”.
“In that frenzy, development is creating things around us; but I ask what does it mean for the common man? So my film has a cyclist (the common man), traveling on this road (a sign of development/infrastructure) with no end; the scale of development is unnecessary, irrelevant, too much for the common man,” says Achyutanand of the clip.

With a background in TV and film, including a stint on ‘Indian Idol’ Achyutanand Dwivedi is an award-winning independent filmmaker in his native country and has also had his work celebrated at Cannes and the British Film Festival. Having lived in the city his whole life, he wanted to experience the “country of villages” that make up the great expanse of India.
“I saw the real India that exists along the highways and the roadways; the India of small villages, local celebrations, flavours and people. For me the making of the film was a life-changing experience, it wasn’t just another film. I hope I have been able to communicate that feeling. “

The Panics felt he not only captured that feeling, but also captured the essence of their rolling single, the pain of everyday and the struggle to keep going through heartbreak.

You can view the clip here and check out the other eight finalists work here.

The Panics national tour nationally throughout September and October. Visit for all the details.


Watch the winning clip at here.


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