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Whitley interviews...himself   14 July 2010

After only two records, Whitley decides to pack it in and head for Europe. Here he interviews himself to get a better idea on why he’s doing this.

So, Lawrence, you’re packing it in. Why is that?


That’s an interesting question, Lawrence. Well sir, I think that it’s mainly because I’ve been touring the Whitley stuff for five years and I don’t like repetition.

You don’t like repetition?

I don’t like repetition.

How long have you been touring for?

Five years.

Nice, you’re an old salty road dog. Now, what are you going to do now you’re going out into the scary world? Have you killed the goose that lays golden eggs?

Well, it feels great to be going out into the world. When you tour for five years and hate repetition, it can be quite an uninteresting life on the road. I think I need to start a musical project, which can fly off on weird tangents and then come back and play songs. I basically want to be a cross between Gareth Liddiard and Warren Ellis…but I want to sing like Nat King Cole and move like Freddy Mercury. I actually stole the idea for interviewing myself off Gareth. He’s sexual. I want to lick him all up and down. As for eggs, I’m not into them.

So do you think that the Whitley brand is something you did for popularity?

That’s probably true…In the sense that every artist has the instinct to put whatever they do on display. Even the most introverted of artists such as Nick Drake yearned for success and acceptance.  It certainly wasn’t for money! I think I would have literally made more money working at a 7 eleven for five years. You have to really fight just to keep your head above water in the Australian music industry. However, I wasn't stacking chocolate bars five days a week, so it doesn't really matter what the cash situation is. I have had an amazing time, but I certainly won’t be chasing the kind of validation I have been chasing, because it doesn’t exist and it never stops.

Well, what now then fuckface?

I’m going to get settled somewhere in Europe. I was thinking that Berlin was cool, but in London they all speak English, which helps the learning impaired, and the lazy. I want to spend time just swanning about, writing and playing music with different bands as much as possible. I wouldn’t mind getting a black SG and trying to rip Neil Young’s guitar tone off. That is monster tone. I want an amp bigger than the drummer’s kit. I'm not kidding.

Will we see you play again or is that it?

Maybe not on a SITG stage, but who knows eh? Life has a habit of doing exactly what you don’t expect.

You’re awesome.

I know.


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