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Music Vs Food   12 October 2009

Are your tastes in music a refection in your tastes in food and vice versa?

I recently ran into an old mate who is a 41 year old punk rocker.  He has never eaten vegetables or any kind of spicy food.  The most colourful thing you will find on this plate is tomato sauce. 
He fell in love with loud, hard fast punk rock when he was 15 and hasn’t moved an inch over all of those years.  This got me thinking.

I was pretty similar to the aforementioned punk rocker until my mid twenties when I started spending more time with females and listening to The Beatles.  It was around this time that I started to experiment with food.  You know, the odd curry and the odd salad.

After looking at an old mate and having a look at myself, I decided to turn this theory to the audiences of a few high profile artists and here is some food for thought.

RADIOHEAD = CAVIAR - You want to like it because it makes you feel important but it really is style over substance.
ACDC = STEAK & CHIPS – Not really very healthy or imaginative but every now and then a very satisfying experience.
NIRVANA = VINDALOO – Looks good, smells good and is loads of fun going down, but the after effects can be serious.
AMY WINEHOUSE = KEBAB – You can’t really see or walk very well but there is a gaping hole that needs to be filled.
THE SMITHS = TOFU SALAD – Really good for you, but something you probably prefer to do in private.

This could go on forever.
My favourite band of all of time is THE CLASH and they remind me of a Sunday roast. 
They are English and lots of great tastes have come and gone but nothing beats London Calling and nothing beats Roast Beef, vegies, yorkshire pudding and gravy.

Graham Frederick Ashton


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Thomas (02 December 2009 11:48:54)
This is all very True, Asho.
Although, what's wrong with Tofu (or for that matter, The Smiths)!?
BILLY (01 November 2009 06:09:34)
Well said regarding The Clash. I must say... ain't nothing like a roast. Though sunday? Any day of the week man.

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