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I wanted to go all the way with this record -
it seemed right.
I spent the first half of 2011 in a house in Brighton in England alone
with my thoughts & memories.
& unsettled.

Out of that, I believe, came a strength.
The decision to simply give it all.
This was for me,
this was for my family.

At times I thought this record would kill me.
it was a behemoth!
There were moments I felt I would sink beneath it.

But that's the kind of thing you choose -
I chose to produce it myself.
I chose an orchestra.
An avalanche of sound,
soaring & shrieking,
simple & striking
to send you tumbling.
I do hope it makes you feel something.

I recorded & mixed most of this album in Stockholm, Sweden.
I then went on to record with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra.
(I have ancestry there on my father's side,
which attracted me to the idea).
The orchestral arrangements were written by my good friend Nicholas Wales.

Here it is, 'I Awake'!



Released through Dew Process/Universal Music Australia on October 26th

•    ‘I Awake’ is Sarah's fourth studio album.
•    ‘I Awake’ was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden with ‘As Day Follows Night’ engineer and mixer, Lasse Mårtén. Further recording then commenced in Sofia, Bulgaria with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra.
•    The album also features the talents of:
David Symes - bass
Fredrik Rundqvist - drums
Thomas Tjärnkvist - piano
John Eriksson - percussion
Fredrik Kinbom - electric guitar & ukulele
Stina Hellberg – harp
Sarah also played ukulele & piano

•    All three of her previous albums - ‘The Overture & the Underscore’, ‘What The Sea Wants, The Sea Will Have’ and ‘As Day Follows Night’ - have far exceeded Platinum sales.
•    Sarah wrote the score for Bell Shakespeare’s Hamlet in 2008.
•    Sarah has won two ARIAs for Best Female and Best Pop Album and also triple j’s JAward for Australian Album of the Year.
•    She has been nominated for a further 14 ARIAs (including two for Album of The Year) and been shortlisted for two Australian Music Prizes and another JAward.

“One of Australia’s finest talents”
Daily Telegraph

“One of the many things I like about Sarah Blasko is her attention to detail; it means anything she does, be it on record, her artwork and videos, or her shows, is guaranteed to be of high interest.”
Robert Forster told J mag

“Some writers will lead you back to yourself with their words and their music but Sarah’s music has always taken me right outside my own life and into a kind of romantic, imagined existence.” Josh Pyke told Sydney Morning Herald

“Sarah Blasko makes albums that condense her world view and emotional outlook into an illustrative and immersive song cycle; track by track she dictates her own reality.”
- Craig Mathieson, Sydney Morning Herald

“In a sea of indie pop artists, Sarah Blasko has always managed to swim against the current.
” – Andrea Beattie, MX Magazine


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